Elements in George Orwell's Animal Farm Essay

Elements in George Orwell's Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, depicts a group of animals who plot to destroy their master, Mr. Jones. The oldest and wisest pig on the farm, "Old Major," told the other animals a story about a revolt called, "The Rebellion." The pigs, which were considered to be the most intelligent of all the animals, devised a plan and successfully conquered Manor Farm. The animals ran the farm effectively, with the pigs overseeing and constantly developing new ideas. One pig, Snowball, was in favor of the improvements of the farm, while another pig, Napoleon, was seeking only personal success. They were both adamant about their viewpoints and often argued. When Snowball introduced a new plan to build a windmill, Napoleon disagreed and convinced the animals that snowball had ulterior motives, and that he should be banished from Animal Farm. The animals followed Napoleon who later adopted the windmill plan as his own. He slowly took over the farm by making subtle changes that boosted his rise in power. In the end, the pigs took on the characteristics of men, and the animals regressed into their former lifestyles.

Animal Farm has many mimetic qualities. One such quality is demonstrated in the use of symbolism. The animals, representing people, overthrow their authority. This is similar to the situation in the Russian Revolution. The people followed Lenin and overthrew the czar, the same as the animals overthrew Mr. Jones. A second mimetic example is in Napoleon's rise to power. He easily took control by making subtle changes and slowly turning all of the animals against Snowball. One way in which Animal Farm is unrealistic is that animals are not actually capable of taking over and running a farm. It is also unreali...

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... state. When Stalin disagreed with Trotsky, he had Trotsky murdered and took total control of the USSR. Instead of leading the farm in complete animalism as originally planned, Napoleon only became the enemy they had just defeated. Stalin, instead of leading the USSR in communism, slowly led it into a totalitarianism government.

This allegorical novel serves as a clear interpretation of the Russian Revolution. Orwell's description of Snowball and Napoleon clearly depicts Trotsky and Stalin. Also, the comparable circumstances, such as the hatred for the farmer (the czar), and the overworked animals (the people), made the novel realistic. The characters are so similar that one can easily understand the connection between the novel and the revolution. This work can serve as a reminder of the suffering that so many people endured to protect their freedom.

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