Brave New World -a Critical Review Essay

Brave New World -a Critical Review Essay

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Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" can be regarded as a dystopia, a false symbol of any regime of universal happiness.

The action is placed in the era of post-genomic medicine, in which our DNA is edited so we can all enjoy life-long bliss, peak experiences and a spectrum of outrageously good-designer drugs.By comparison, the description of the Savage's life in the Reservation conveys just how nasty the old regime of pain, disease and unhappiness can be.

Huxley's intentions are obviously satirical ; he expresses his major concerns for the future of a human society based exclusively on science and technology. Although he is ready to admit to the possible and even necessary benefits biotechnology might bring to our lives, he can't help feeling worried and warning us about the consequences of an unnatural, alienating scientific utopia ."Brave New World"deals with all the negative aspects the progress of civilization might engender .

The world he imagines is primarily governed by standardisation, monotony, stupidity, amorality, unacknowledged dictatorship, utilitarianism etc. All the members of this community are, in fact, clones conceived in laboratory and brainwashed while being asleep.

The society is divided into five main castes, each of them predestined to a certain condition and function in the society : the Alphas and Betas are the ruling upper classes, gifted with some intelligence, not performing any menial jobs ; the Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons are the lower dumb classes, satisfied with their humiliating position of providers for their superior leaders .Equality is a concept that cannot be applied under these circumstances, because th...

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...ring to the futile, materialistic concerns of the State.

What is even more fascinating is the fact that, for a society denying or ignoring the existence of God, the necessity of strongly believing in something - a cause, a creator(Ford) -is pretty prominent. The entire society would fall apart, weren't for its faith in an Entity far above their capacity of apprehension, an Entity viewed as a generative source of guiding principles in life. Just as we believe in God, without questioning His means of action and the laws He's given us, they believe in Ford and in the good changes he's brought to them.

The universe of Huxley is technically feasible, but we have to ask ourselves if we want to let things go that far . Huxley has given us a potential and likely version of the future, rising questions that can't and mustn't be ignored.

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