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According to the Encarta ® World English Dictionary, the word masterpiece is defined as an "artist's best work: the best piece of work by a particular artist or craftsperson." Yet, even with the use of this word, the description of God's Word the Bible still would not see justice, for it is impossible to manipulate the English language, or any human language for that matter, with the intent of trying to utterly describe its absolute magnificence. Written under divine inspiration, God's infinite nature is revealed to the human race through this extravagant literary work. It would be unachievable though to effusively understand the infinite God in less time than the whole of eternity, an oxymoron completely applicable when referencing intimacy with God. Bound with limited minds, it is currently impossible for humankind to copiously grasp His beauty, thus making an inclusive description of His Word, The Holy Bible in its vast splendor unfeasible. To call it a "masterpiece" is simply an understatement. In its perfection, the Bible has bestowed immeasurable amounts of blessings to all who have pursued it. It is to the auspicious fortune of the English speaking world, that these blessings have been extended due to the efforts of those appointed to translate the word of God into English from the original Hebrew and Greek translations, by Bishop Bancroft from the orders of King James.

It is of absolute fairness to accredit the King James Version Bible with scores of the historical as well as present-day developments of our English speaking society

Indeed, it also is correct in going so far as to state that one of its main influences would be the configuration of, as well as contribution to the homogeny of the English la...

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... Christians of America. Substantiated time and again, the King James version of the Holy Bible demanded varsity role-play upon the world`s cultural

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development. With its influence on the literary and political aspects of all English-speaking territories on this earth, the King James Version holds preeminent ranking among all other translations of the Bible to English. Unparalleled in its precision of translation from the original languages, the King James Bible holds truest to God's Word. Through His astonishing plan, the Lord influenced the globe in its entirety with His ministry. It is of no surprise that this celestially inspired book has claimed its position as the foremost contributor to the world's betterment.


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