Essay on Dead Stars, Dead Love

Essay on Dead Stars, Dead Love

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Life is lost without love, but what is love without desire? Could it be that love is an arguable thought, something that is not as strong as what we perceive it to be? Could love be merely an instrument used by society to justify their foolishness? Is it true that this idea we call love, is nothing but a fabrication of the mind fueled by the intense desire to posses?

Some of these questions find answers only in the minds of skeptics. But if one would look closely into what society there is at present, one would glimpse this glitch in the perfect concept of love and devotion. What love we know today, is influenced by many things, and is not merely an emotion coming from the heart. It may exude passion and vigor, but before these there was desire. Indeed, desire is an abstract idea but let us see it in the context of modern society's struggle to "fit in." Each member of this community has based their personality, consciously or otherwise, on what the other members of society may think is right or wrong, nice or bad, perfect or flawed. Given that, each has a responsibility to be like every one else; imitating the others and making themselves mere copies of the originals. The problem with this is that a person loses his individuality by trying to build a personality which is not based on one's own mind, but on what society dictates. How is this portrayed in the story?

Alfredo was once in love with Esperanza, no doubt, but there comes a time when love fades, and the only thing holding you together is the vow you gave your fiancée, that which you cannot take back. Why can't you take it back? This is because before man becomes complete he must at some point in life marry someone; create a family, therefore contributing to soc...

... middle of paper ... up on Alfredo; she never lost hope that one day, he may really love her, like how he did before when he was younger.

The story is basically a compilation of the complicated circumstances that every man has to go through in life. The reader finds that life is full of inequities, although possibly not intentionally, it is forced upon everyone by themselves. The will of the mind is stronger than the invisible judge that is society, therefore if one should wish to be different then it is important that they push through with the change. It is important to free one's self, and claim individuality. Hence, I believe, that this story is a remonstration against the capitalist system that we abide by. It is a clear objection to the dehumanization that most members of society suffer from. Indeed, there could be no better way to object openly than through a short story.

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