The Role of Female Characters in Lermontov's Hero of Our Time Essays

The Role of Female Characters in Lermontov's Hero of Our Time Essays

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The novel "Hero of Our Time", written by M. Lermontov in 1839-1840, is the first realistic prosaic psychological and philosophical work in the Russian literature. The novel was written after the crushing defeat of December uprising. In his novel, Lermontov was drawing the portrait of a man of that epoch, i.e., the hero of his time, whose character was build on the defects of entire generation in which author lived.

Female characters created by Lermontov playing a large role in the novel: they make it possible to more deeply open the nature of Lermontov's main hero Pechorin, his internal peace, and also his look on love. All female characters are the representatives of different social classes in the Lermontov's time: Bela - one of the "children of nature", in whose peace falls Pechorin in the narrative "Bela"; undine, who represents the romantic peace of the lawless liberty, which is so much valued by Pechorin; princess Mary and Vera, two personages of the same social class as Pechorin.

Lermontov introduces Caucasian girl Bela to the reader first. She is very sincere and kind, but she is not lucking in her nature such national features as pride, sense of self-respect, lack of development and capability for passion. After being offended by Pechorin for his withdrawal to the hunting, having proudly raised head, she sad: "I'm not a slave - I'm a princely daughter!" Lermontov does not give the detailed description on appearance of the girl, but he focuses his attention on her eyes, which, "like in the wild goat and glanced straight... into the soul." She so passionately and hotly loves Pechorin, that his love for her seems shallow and unimportant. The Bela's character was necessary for Lermontov in order for him to show that t...

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...s, spirit of sacrifice, she does not have a clearly expressed sense of self-respect, she again acknowledges her love to Pechorin, even after he left her once already. All her struggles and pain for her love to Pechorin were necessary for Lermontov to show the selfishness of his hero, his altitude to those who loved him, his fear of loosing his freedom- one thing, which in Pechorin's opinion, was essential for life.

Thus, all female characters in the Lermontov's novel "Hero of Our Times" play an important role: with their aid Lermontov shows that his hero - Pechorin is lonely in any surroundings, he cannot find peace for himself even in such deeply intimate feeling as love. The love of woman, to whatever social circle she belongs, can only spark the feeling in him only for the short instance, but he cannot sincerely return her love, and in this - his tragedy.

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