Harmful Militant Activism in "Black Bird' Essay

Harmful Militant Activism in "Black Bird' Essay

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I believe there are two types of activism, one which constitutes confrontational action to get their point across, using only peaceful and educated means, and one which constitutes a policy of direct militant action to achieve a social or political goal. In the novel Black Bird, Michel Basilieres suggests that activism, displayed by the FLQ, is one of ethnic narrow nationalism which promotes violence and disruption of the civil peace for a cause that they, the FLQ, feel would produce a more egalitarian society. Although this is an option and a belief for some, there is an alternative. This alternative is one used in the current aspect of activism in which globalism and capitalism is fought. The means of this activism are that of peaceful means by which media and mass protesting are used to get across social and political goals.

The FLQ was an organization that promoted and encouraged violence as a means of activism. Basilieres suggests this through a narrow minded nationalistic organization. Marie, a key figure in the novel and the movement to free Quebec from the "oppressive rule of the Anglos", faces many challenges as she carries out her terrorist activities. One such challenge faced by her character is when her first "operation" (Basilieres 19) of the novel, which was to be a "master piece" (Basilieres 19) turns bad for a close family member, her mother. The night Marie "dropped the package into the mailbox" (Basilieres 19), a bomb, she had no idea that her grandfather from her mother's side would be a victim of her hateful and narrow minded acts. Interestingly enough Marie chooses to bomb a mailbox, an object filled with "letters and proclamations of any sort" (Basilieres 70). To Marie words were "threaten[ing]" (Basiliere...

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...eaceful protesting brought world attention and resolved an issue of the people with efficiency while reminded the world that the voice of the people rather then the shots of guns and bombs can bring about significant change.

In conclusion I believe there are two types of activism, one which constitutes the act of violence to achieve there political and social aspirations, and the second being a type which encourages its members to use peaceful and diplomatic means to achieve their goals. I am a firm believer that the violence shown in the novel Black Bird is an ineffective and harmful way to seek the attention and sympathy of the public. On the other hand activism such as the kind shown in Ukraine, I believe should be commended because of its ability to gain the support and sympathy of a large number of people while only practicing peaceful demonstrations.

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