Essay on Diomedes: One of the Finest Greek Soldiers

Essay on Diomedes: One of the Finest Greek Soldiers

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In The Iliad, by Homer, many of the characters can qualify as the Greek definition of a hero. In this epic, a hero is not solely represented as the most valiant warrior but rather on other characteristics that can be admired. Diomedes possesses these characteristics that represent a hero on and off of the battlefield. Thus, he is one of the greatest heroes of the entire epic.

To the Greeks, besides being a skilled warrior, a hero contains several other admirable characteristics. For example, they must respect all aspects of authority. The Greeks give heroes no room for arrogance or pride. Instead, they were to be modest, and give credit to their culture and the gods for any help they contributed. They also had to believe and accept fate. The final requirement of being a hero was calmness. Heroes were also not permitted to be blinded by rage or have mood swings, but instead, they had to remain level-headed through violent situations. Diomedes fits these requirements in all situations and these qualities aid him in becoming such a significant leader.

Diomedes is one of the finest and bravest of the Greek warriors. He is respectful to all authority figures and shows little or no arrogance. He may be viewed as the perfect nobleman because he is always wise and reasonable. Diomedes demonstrates a great respect for government authority. He risks his own life to save Nestor, the Greek commander, and helps him escape from Hector. In regards to following orders, when Athena tells him not to fight with any of the gods except Aphrodite, he follows the orders exactly. Throughout the poem, Diomedes never takes credit for his accomplishments. Instead, he thanks and praises the gods for their assistance. Before his duel...

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...icts occur, it would not affect the stability of the society. True heroes should be able to handle conflicts correctly in order to show the people of the society how to overcome such a circumstance. A hero is not perfect and should not be portrayed that way either. They make mistakes and encounter conflicts, whether it is within themselves or with other people and should be able to overcome it.

The ancient Greeks had strict criteria for individuals to follow if they were to be seen as heroes. Those requirements were skill in battle, respect for authority, modesty, and calmness under stressful circumstances. Diomedes was one of the finest Greek soldiers. He was respectful of authority, humble about his successes, and was very levelheaded. He also faces conflicts that he easily overcomes. Thus, he is considered one of the greatest hero's in this poem.

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