Social Analysis of Franz Kafka's the Metamorphosis Essay

Social Analysis of Franz Kafka's the Metamorphosis Essay

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Social Analysis of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

Franz Kafka was not Jewish; Franz Kafka was not Czech, Franz Kafka only identified himself by his own perception of life, and a reality of his own creation. Kafka's family, a prosperous middle class home of economic strivers, embraced the German Jewish circles of Prague, seeking to assimilate with language and Jewish culture. Kafka, in the traditional manner he is remembered, was born into a middle class Czech family in Prague however; he most memorably reflects his personal alienation from cultural and famial identity throughout his literary works. Kafka also strove to identify away from the bonds of economic status and ethnic representation, as he rejected his Jewish heritage, even though his three sisters would die in a German concentration camp.

Kafka was constantly consumed with the idea of relating to the outside environment with a full depth of understanding, in order to break away from the confines and define a place within the environment, one of his own creations. As Kafka's life was controlled by a domineering an aggressive father, a mounting anti-Semitism during WWI, and the experience of tuberculosis, he began to feel the effects of separation from a uniform reality. With these independent experiences as he distanced himself from duty and society.

In a similar manner The Metamorphosis, Kafka's pneumatic Gregor Samsa finds himself as a material expression, but after his form is altered, he begins embrace the freedom alienation can provide. Through the character of Gregor Samsa, Kafka suggests that, although one may be continually defined by others as an outside form is altered, if any independence is achieved it can be crushed by society. Kafka believed soc...

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...ained by the "love" the admiration of his family, and his inability to realize his position is another path to his demise. Kafka's Samsa family reflects the darkness of human nature, and the expectations of society on individual, as Gregor Samsa undergoes a physical, emotional, and mental transformation as he awakes one morning to find himself transformed into a "monstrous vermin." Gregor, seemingly innocent, experiences something which will allow him to reject the burdens of society, and alter his own perception of reality; however, Kafka also illustrates society's brutal reaction to these attempts, suggesting that one cannot escape these restrictions. The place of society, reflected in the character's throughout the story, is to act as judge and jury on Gregor's condition, allowing their own reactions to Gregor's altered form to determine his worth and value.

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