Essay College Sports - Football Scholarships and Woman's Sports

Essay College Sports - Football Scholarships and Woman's Sports

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Football Scholarships and Woman's Sports

    Saturdays in the fall bring together millions of people to celebrate college football, a ritual that bonds the community in stadiums and in living rooms across America. This American sport takes a heavy financial toll in colleges everywhere. Just one in four colleges across America make money on their football team (mostly large division I schools). College teams spend millions of dollars stockpiling athletes and struggle to keep pace with rivals. With college football teams soaking up most of the money for transportation, uniforms, and football equipment, the women's teams are having to deal with cut scholarships and women's sporting events. That money drain is at the heart of debate over how to balance opportunities in men and women's college sports.


School administrators are investing too much of the scholarship money into the college football team, leaving less money for the women's college sporting events. School administrators should reduce football scholarships so that colleges have more money for women's sports.


One of the problems in colleges is that too many football players have full ride scholarships to sit on the bench. A football team needs eighty to one hundred players. Coaches say it is to ensure that talent is available as players get hurt, graduate, or become academically ineligible to play.


Why should colleges give full ride scholarships to players who sit on the bench hoping that they would get a chance to play that night? If school administrators would cut fifteen to twenty football scholarships, that would still allow competitive football. Smaller colleges would also benefit if big football powers were no longer able to hoard...

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