Conforming to Society's Norms Essay

Conforming to Society's Norms Essay

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Conforming to Society's Norms

In today's day and age contemporary society's are built upon the thought of citizen conformity to a prescribed set of values and norms to. This idea of complies to social standards makes one think as to how these norms of fact society as a whole and an individual. The main driving component which draws people too conformity are the desire to be excepted in certain status groups. People fear that if they do not conformity is norms that they will be breaking the social contract therefore been shunned by society at not being able to achieve their personal goals. Further analysis of these forces for conformity in contemporary society it will be shown that these forces produced negative ethical conduct and hinder the foundation of justice that the political system of Canada is based upon.

Conformity in society is what individual takes upon the beliefs and ways of life is another group or from someone in charge. " Conformity includes a strong component of intolerance of nonconformity, necessarily entails an unwillingness to commit other people to deviate from pads of established belief." Conformity is not necessarily imply that one is in agreement with the set of norms but that the norms are merely abided by for various reasons that will be discussed.

Social class hold significant impact on a person's behavior as a prescribed one's conditions in life. Social class, in contemporary society, the first to the amount of education of person has been subject to as well as their occupational position. The class hierarchy of suggest that decisions and actions of members of higher class will have an impact on society and have consequences, whereas a believe exist at the lower classes are at the ...

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...portunities and political representation. Patronage projects these principles by creating a realm of preferential treatment and representation of a politicians personal needs instead of the needs of the country.

As shown, various forces of conformity and exist in modern society's the conflicting nature of these forces create difficulties in establishing when conformity is necessary what exactly conformity is. Forces of compliance, such as the class structure, group pressure, the idea of a social contract, achievement of societal and personal goals, the interdependent nature of society, and the fear of punishment create inequality in society and continue to into her overtime the strength of the sources of conformity ultimately produced negative ethical conduct, inequality, and disrupt the foundation of justice that the Canadian political system is based upon.

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