Stem Cell Research: The Debate Over Federal Funding Essay

Stem Cell Research: The Debate Over Federal Funding Essay

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research:

Pro-Federal Funding

The Alliance for Aging Research is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. As an agency geared toward improving the health of human beings as they age, some of their responsibilities include lobbying for federal legislation, conducting studies and surveys, and creating and distributing educational materials to health care professionals and the public. With Baby Boomers closely reaching the later stages of life, this group has found themselves focused primarily on research programs for the geriatric.

In order to ensure progress and the stability of their organization, they have established some fundamental guidelines which they use to conduct business. Following their principles, they believe that research on aging is valuable, good for social and economical policy, and under-funded. Supporting statements of their guiding principles include the need for "research to understand and manipulate aging at the molecular and cellular levels."

A statement was issued by Dan Perry, executive director of The Alliance for Aging Research, in regards to The Alliance's stance on therapeutic cloning. He states in this announcement that the agency is against cloning of a human being, but they are supportive of the rights of scientists to conduct cloning experiments in Petri dishes. Rather than supporting experiments on eggs, that has truly been fertilized by sperm, the Alliance for Aging Research supports experimentation on eggs that have had the DNA of other somatic cells inserted and then programmed to replicate as if they had been fertilized by sperm. In order to obtain the needed stem cells, the egg must grow for...

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... The stem cells in question are present before implantation occurs. It is only after implantation occurs that these stem cells actually begin to differentiate into specific cells such as nerve cells, blood cells, or skin cells.

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