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Cloud of Smoke

How many people have been walking around in a public place, and been bombarded with a thick cloud of smoke surrounding them? The truth is, many of us have been in this situation. Rather or not if we like or dislike the fact, it happens. There is a way to prevent such an annoying and disruptive act. In light of this, cigarette smoking should be banned from all public places, such as restaurants, bars, clubs and even parks.

Smoking is one of the worst human habits that a person can pick up. Still, it is the choice of that individual, whether or not he or she smokes cigarettes. There is freedom of choice. As far as public places go, some do have an option of smoking or non-smoking sections. Yet, this might not be enough for some. These places do very little to separate the smoking and the non-smoking sections. There is usually only one room and the sections are divided by a small partition, sometimes none at all. This would be fine if smoke did not have a tendency to rise and float right over the low rise partition. So it is pointless to allow people to smoke in one part of a restaurant and not to allow it in another when eventually the nonsmoking section breathes in the smoke. Even though the choice is there, non smokers find it very difficult to avoid the smoke.

Secondly, smoking causes health issues. This is quite possibly the biggest concern of all in being around these smoke filled public places. Not only is it disruptive to the smoker themselves, but to the passive smoker, also known as second hand smoke. Studies conducted at the University Of California, Berkeley, School Of Public Health shows that spending just two hours in a smoke filled bar is equivalent to smoking four cigarettes....

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... certainly not cause a problem today.

One of the major functions of our country's legislation is to protect all Americans from being injured or killed as a result of the irresponsible and illegal behavior of others. There are specific laws in place to protect us from someone who drives recklessly or under the influence of alcohol and there are laws designed to shield us from those who may wish to harm us with violence. So there should be restrictions to ban smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars, clubs and parks. It is essential to the health and well being of mankind and everyone will breathe easier because of it. Life will go on, undoubtedly.

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