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Self Help Products

Looking into insecure lives and conformity, shows how self-help products have made its way into people's lives by profiting rather than a tool to aid. The self-help business today is a multi-billion dollar industries marketed and promoted with extravagance to target people who wish to self improve. Self-help products have claimed to help people lose their weight, improve their relationships, help relieve their anxiety/depression and show them ways of becoming a millionaire. Self-help products do not serve its purpose as it might have claimed, because it is merely a gimmick or a tool to deceive consumer into buying. Everyone has flaws within themselves that they wish to fix and further improve on; after all, life is about making mistakes and improving from it. However, most of us are victims of marketed products because we want to achieve the perfection; although, perfection is just an illusion. When some of these flaws become an obstacle to our daily lives, we search for help by means of books, advertisements, tapes, and therapeutic remedy.

Self-help books today is a multi-billion dollar industry because they are able to attract readers who seek to self-improve with the promise of delivering recipe's to success and self improvement and this has kept readers reading in vain. Self-help books attract vulnerable people by appealing to their weaknesses, using significant titles like "How to think like a Millionaire, with subtitles, The Success Secrets of Ten millionaires asking Do you really want to be a millionaire? Wealth is not relied upon luck; this remarkable book has captured the essence that has led to success. Now you have the opportunity of achieving your own dreams." (Poissant) We are talkin...

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...person's will and interest that will ensure the improvement in their lives.

Although some of these material claim to be helpful but most of them have not been tested for its validity. These materials are promoted excessively to convince buyers about its benefit. In any case that if these treatments does not work, often consumers blame themselves for not being diligent with the instruction. Its time for consumers to realize the misconception of self-help product and start believing in themselves and their own ability to overcome what life has placed for them as a challenge. After all, breaking the habit, coping with stress and wanting success is all part and parcel of life. Self-help books, aromatherapy and subliminal tapes are all just a gimmick to get as many consumers as possible to believe in the unexplainable and non credible fact of self-help product.

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