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  1. 0 Executive Summary
  2. 1 Business Plan

Improvement is critical to survival. Worldwide, technology is changing rapidly. The key to being the best in the industry is to improve the existing processes faster than the competition. The purpose of this project is to reduce the company's inventory costs while improving existing production processes and services. In order to accomplish this is to have Inventory Control Management System (ICMS) to eliminate inappropriate requirements and simplify processes. The company's present processes involve hand written/manual processes that have many side effects such as excessive production process time and inefficient resource usage. Computerized inventory system gives automated record keeping that provides up to the minute stock balances, pricing availability, current open order and open purchase order information, sales trends, and purchase and usage history.

1.2 Mission

The mission of Inventory Control Management System is to provide continuous improvement that is demonstrated through the use of its full resources effectively to exceed customer expectations and improve existing production processes and services.

1.3 Objectives

The objective of Inventory Control Management System is to manage resources efficiently while

ensuring that the production processes proceed effectively with less time involved. In addition, the

ICMS will:

Ensure efficiency and timely identification of production processes

Assist in managing company's wide inventory

Provide a common repository for asset protection

Plan and control the usage of assets across the company

2.0 Company Analysis

Since profitable sales of products are...

... middle of paper ...

...ocedures- an overview training session

4.1.6 Expected Duration

Expected project duration is 2 months. Given the size of this project and the fact that the project members have a scheduled meeting to discuss the project, we feel that the project can be completed on time as specified. Thus, the project team members are able to complete the project quickly and effectively within given timeframe.

4.2 Alternatives

Based on the specific requirements of the company, we have developed the following system alternatives:

A fully functional inventory system

A well-designed database that will provide the functionality to insert, delete or modify records

A search function in the ICMS so that a particular record can be found speedily

This system alternative will maximize capacity of the ICMS and can be completed within the project timeframe.

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