Persuasive Tactics in Marketing Essay

Persuasive Tactics in Marketing Essay

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  1. 0 Explanation of the two tactics 2
  2. 0 The effectiveness of social proof 2
  3. 1 Circumstances when effective 3
  4. 2 Circumstances when ineffective 4
  5. 3 Persuadee when effective 4
  6. 4 Persuadee when ineffective 5
  7. 5 Persuader when effective 5
  8. 6 Persuader when ineffective 6
  9. 7 Conclusion of Social Proof 7
  10. 0 The effectiveness of scarcity 7
  11. 1 Circumstances when effective 7
  12. 2 Circumstances when ineffective 8
  13. 3 Persuadee when effective 8
  14. 4 Persuadee when ineffective 9
  15. 5 Persuader when effective 9
  16. 6 Persuader when ineffective 9
  17. 7 Conclusion of Scarcity 10
  18. 0 References 10
  19. 0 Appendix 11
  20. 0 Explanation of the two tactics

Effective communicators use six principles to get what they want and to influence and shape the behaviour of others, according to Robert B Cialdini, author of Influence: Science and Practice. Each of these principles is governed by a psychological principle that directs human behaviour and gives the users their power. The six principles are reciprocation, consistency and commitment, social proof, liking, authority and scarcity.

The principle of social proof is that we can determine what is correct just by finding out what other people think is correct. If, for example, someone in front of us buys something, we are more likely to buy it ...

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...r products
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  • 0 Appendix
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  • 0 Ad of BMW 3.0i, 17/08/2003, Sun, Star Newspaper

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