Essay on Frigidaire Product Positioning

Essay on Frigidaire Product Positioning

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The market for Frigidaire's front-loading washing machine should be divided into single segments which can then identify groups of consumers who share commonalities that have the potential to drive demand for the new product. Each segment of the market will have similar needs in quality and performance; they have a semi-uniform response to the marketing mix. The target of Frigidaire's marketing campaign will rely on the hierarchy of each segment's priorities. Typically, a market is segmented to include demographics combined with other behavioral attributes as previously demonstrated in the VALS survey. The information obtained in data collection from these market segments is crucial because the behaviors behinds these groups combined with the presentation of the product are the driving forced behind sales. One technique frequently used is a perceptual map that discerns which features are important to consumers, often called determinant attributes (Business).

The case study of the Frigidaire Corporation illustrates that valuable data has been collected; therefore, if applied correctly, the company has the potential to position the new front-loading washing machine in the correct market segment(s). According to Exhibit 5 in the case study, the following populations have above concern for conservation of resources: Elite urban singles between the ages of 25 and 34 and couples between the ages of 35 and 54 both of value space savings; Sophisticated townhouse White and Asian couples who are 55 years old or older have above average ecological concerns; Upscale suburban Asian and White families between the ages of 35 and 54 have determinant attributes of performance ...

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...ered, especially in the cities previously mentioned. The Frigidaire Corporation must also be mindful that the majority of Frigidaire customers are families. In conclusion, the

primary marketing campaign must target families and position the new product well within that realm. They must additionally target the aforementioned cities, calling primary attention to the attributes of fashion and performance with a secondary emphasis on ecological conservation.


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