Essay on Diamonds' Equal Power

Essay on Diamonds' Equal Power

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A mans best friend is a dog and girl's Diamonds. Marilyn Monroe said it best, "diamonds are a girl's best friend." This timeless saying makes Tiffany's & Co, Cartier, and Harry Winston very happy and helps the sale of diamonds more than Ms. Monroe will ever know. A diamond is not just the "4c's" anymore, color, carat weight, clarity and cut. Diamonds are revolving into something more than the hardest mineral. The diamond says more than words could express. A symbol of love is worn on the left but what about the right? Women of the world raise your right hands because you deserve to glisten is essentially the meaning behind the Diamond Trading Company's advertising. What is silent but speaks volumes? It's your worth in the form of a Round diamond, princess diamond, marquise diamond, oval, tear-drop diamond, and or pear-shaped diamond. W Magazine appeals to the successful women socialite's of America. The March 2006 edition of W magazine has an advertisement from "A Diamond is Forever, Trading Company" which uses pathos by luring women to purchase a diamond for their right hand as a statement of how powerful, smart, and successful she is.

The advertisement for the "right hand ring" psychologically engages the woman's need to be high status in her society. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs the right hand diamond would fall under one category alone, esteem. Maslow's hierarchy of needs ultimately results in what is called self actualization. This ring does not fall under that category only because the "right hand ring" appeals to the need for self respect, reputation, prestige, and ultimately status. Let us not forget love, although in "A diamond is forever" the company places the emphasis not on love anymore; it solely rel...

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...he "right hand ring." Marketers develop this ring for the woman who knows how to work hard and clearly demonstrates the power and perception women feel towards diamonds. This is a million dollar marketing campaign that will turn profits. Women of the world will raise their right hand but most likely those rings will be cubic zirconias. Those who can afford a "house" on their right hand most certainly deserve to display it. The right hand ring is brilliant and the advertisement amongst the hundreds of others in W Magazine catches the attention of women who "must" prove their rank. This advertisement appeals to women's feelings, wants, needs, desires, values, and beliefs. Pathos is the theme of this advertisement and proves that appealing to a woman's right hand, is not a bad marketing move. This advertisement for the "right hand ring" is a diamond in itself.

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