Why You Should Not Feed Wild Animals Essay

Why You Should Not Feed Wild Animals Essay

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I remember being a little boy crying as I watched a zoo monkey eat my chocolate ice cream bar. Animal natural instincts are designed for their own survival, which means fulfilling their basic needs, including food and water. They will do anything it takes to get food, learning and adapting from each new experience. US Geological Survey wants to make it very clear to prohibit any feeding of wildlife. I wish to quickly cover three points why you should not feed wild animals. One, feeding wildlife disrupts natural cycles, creating dependencies. Two, it is unsafe for both you and the animal. Three, processed human food is unhealthy for wild animals. If you do your part by not feeding wild animals and letting your friends and family know how important it is, nature will remain in harmony.

My first point, feeding wildlife disrupts natural cycles. Wild animals will learn to come to humans for food. If constantly rewarded with food when they approach humans, animals will learn how easy it is to gain food, and move out of their natural habitat into human populated areas. Their natural ha...

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