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It contributes to postpartum weight loss; suppressed menstrual periods, which helps to replenish iron stores lost during pregnancy and childbirth; and even confers some protection against more serious illness like osteoporosis, hip fracture, and breast and ovarian cancer fostered by the intimate contact involved in breastfeeding. . The release of oxytocin by breastfeeding at this time begins the letdown of milk as well as stimulation of uterine contractions.


It is widely recognized that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for human infants. The breast milk provides numerous health benefits to both mother and baby. Breastfeeding should begin, as soon after birth as possible, the delivery room isn't too soon. It is important that infants open their mouth wide enough when breastfeeding to grasp the nipple and the areola (pigmented circle around the nipple). This gives an effective sucking action.


Mental - Think ahead of time with your partner whether you plan to breastfeed or formula feed the baby, men can become jealous at the thought of breastfeeding. Early discussion can make the transition easier.

Physical - Nipple rolling is no longer advised because it may cause the release of oxytocin, which could lead to the onset of pre-term labor. Breast massage to move the milk forward in the milk ducts may be beneficial. This will also allow a woman to feel more comfortable when handling her breasts. Pregnant women should avoid using soap on their breasts because it tends to dry and crack the nipples.


Just like all other skills breastfeeding needs a special technique for success. Preparation makes all the difference. Here are the basics...


    ... middle of paper ...

    ...s nipples.
  1. Mother on a restricted nutrient diet.
  2. Mother receiving meds inappropriate for child.
  3. Maternal exposure to radioactive compounds.
  4. Breast Cancer


  1. Client demonstrates independence with breast-feeding by hospital discharge.
  2. Demonstrates proper position at the breast.
  3. States infant is latching and sucking.
  4. Alternates breasts every 10 minutes and begins with a different breast next feeding.
  5. Increased time with each session.
  6. Feeling of satisfaction and confidence with each feeding session.


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