The Analysis of Spinach Pigmentation During Photosynthesis (biology Lab Report)

The Analysis of Spinach Pigmentation During Photosynthesis (biology Lab Report)

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The Analysis of Spinach Pigmentation

During Photosynthesis

University of Alabama

I. Introduction:

"Photosynthesis is the conversion of light energy to chemical energy that is stored in glucose or other organic compounds; it occurs in plants, algae, and certain prokaryotes" (Campbell, G-16). The formula below is photosynthesis and "the ingredients necessary to make a plant grow" (KoK, 30).

6CO_2 + 6H_2_0,,³ C_6_H_12_O_6_ + 6CO_2

Photosynthesis occurs within chloroplasts which are in leaf cells. It takes carbon dioxide and water "within the chloroplast, sunlight powers the conversion of these ingredients to a sugar called glucose and oxygen" (Campbell, 37).

Pigments are substance that absorbs visible light. It depends on pigment of which wavelength of light is absorbed. The wavelength that reflects makes them appear to be colorful. Pigments are useful to plants because of the interaction with light to absorb certain wavelengths.

During the lab, the analysis of spinach pigmentation during photosynthesis was performed to separate plant pigments with paper chromatography. The paper chromatography two phases are: stationary phase and the mobile phase. The paper serves as the absorbent for the stationary phase and acetone is used for the mobile phase to help pull the pigments up the page.

Once the analysis of spinach pigmentation during photosynthesis was finished, the percent absorption was measured at different nanometers to see compare the difference in absorption of chlorophyll A and total pigmentation.

The hypothesis stated that when the spinach extract was placed on the polar paper chromatography the pigment would separate into different pigments on the...

... middle of paper ...

.... Since chlorophyll A was only one pigment of the spinach extract it was able to absorb on the certain wavelength at high percentages. The human error in this part of the lab was the touching and wiping of the test tubes. A simple smudge of a fingerprint not wiped completely off could have altered the data.

The experiment based on what was discussed before the lab and during the lab does follow the norm. The basic idea was to get the spinach extract to absorb up the paper and then test its percent absorption.

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