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Essay on Density Lab

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The objective of this lab was to calculate the densities of various objects using different techniques.


  1. The mass of the 100-ml. Graduated cylinder was measured without water or rubber stopper.
  2. The mass of the 100-ml. Graduated cylinder was measured without water but with the rubber stopper.
  3. The mass of the metal cylinder was measured.
  4. The 100-ml. Graduated cylinder, with rubber stopper was filled with an amount of water.
  5. The metal cylinder was placed in 100-ml. Graduated cylinder with water and rubber stopper.
  6. The new volume of the water and metal cylinder was measured.
  7. The diameter of the metal cylinder was measured.
  8. The height of the metal cylinder was measured.
  9. Water was placed in the 100-ml. Graduated cylinder with out the metal cylinder or rubber stopper.
  10. The mass of the water and graduated cylinder was measured.
  11. The temperature of the water was taken.
  12. The height, width and length of a piece of wood was measured.
  13. The mass of the wood was measured.
  14. The mass of the metal plate was measured.
  15. The height, length and width of the metal plate was measured.
  16. The mass of an empty 10-ml. Graduated cylinder was measured.
  17. The 10-ml. Graduated cylinder was filled with an amount of ethanol.
  18. The mass of the 10-ml. Graduated cylinder with ethanol was measured.
  19. Densities were calculated.


Density= Mass/Volume

Volume= Length x Width x Height.

Therefore: The d...

... middle of paper ...

... 2.7g/ml

Ethanol- ç.789g/ml-.80g/mlç x 100= 1.39%


It was concluded in this lab that the metal cylinder was Iron and the metal plate was Aluminum. Looking at a chart of densities and using the results to verify, concluded this. The percent error was low for most objects except the metal plate. Next time measuring should be done more carefully. However this could have been caused by human error or imprecise equipment. The density of water at 23°c should be approximately .9975g/ml. This measurement was found in a chart, along with the other densities used to find the percent error. The process of finding density was successfully completed without any problems. The procedure and calculations went smoothly and overall this lab was successful.

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