Tooth Growth Using Stem Cells

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I. Have you ever imagined what your teeth would have been like if you didn't brush your teeth at least once a day? II. Today I am going to talk about the use of stem cells, which are harvested from fallen tooth, to make new teeth for people who have lost their teeth. III. According to BBC NEWS, a national study by Newcastle University Dental School on Thursday, March 23 2000, found that more than two out of three people who say they brush their teeth twice a day have substantial amount of plaque in their mouths. Despite the findings of the survey total tooth loss is becoming a rarity. It is forecast that by 2018, only 5% people will have no teeth, compared with 13% now. (Cite #1) IV. First I would like to introduce the basics of the procedure, and then look at some of the medical complications that researchers face, and finally a preview of the expected future of this new discovery. (Preview) So, what is the first step to growing new teeth? (Point #1) I. Although some researchers agree that it is better to harvest the stem cells from baby teeth, some also argue that it is better to use adult stem because "they are autologous, meaning they come from the person being treated), and are found in many parts of the body: Nerves, bone, hair, skin and intestine" as says Professor Paul Sharpe, who runs the craniofacial department at the Dental Institute in King's College London on Monday may 3 2004. (Cite #2) A. Since we cannot complete this procedure on a human yet, we will have to continue using laboratory mice for this experiment, says Dr. Paul Kores, a biology professor at Moorpark College. In an interview that I had with him in March 2004, he said that in an article that he had read, scientists had est... ... middle of paper ..., it is expected to put an end to dentures. (Cite #8) Conclusion I. Today, I introduced some of the basics of the procedure, then looked at some of the medical problems not to mention the ethical ones, which continue to remain controversial, and covered a preview of the unexpected future of this new discovery. II. Let it be said, that even though you might not have to purchase any dentures when you hit the age 50 or 60, but this procedure is expected to be very expensive along with the pain involved, at least for a while III. So since the rate of tooth loss is expected to actually drop in the next 10 to 20 years, not many people might need to go through this expensive procedure and the very few that need it, will be cured permanently. If you want to be amongst the 95% of the people with healthy teeth, continue to take good care of your teeth.

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