Essay on The Process of Industrial Engineering

Essay on The Process of Industrial Engineering

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1. Introduction

Industrial engineers combine numerous different methods of thinking, advanced technical and mathematical knowledge, and clear, systematic thought processes to determine the most effective ways to solve a variety of organizational challenges within any kind of business practice. Industrial engineers exist primarily in manufacturing businesses, but are found in levels of offices, services, and health facilities. Using advanced analysis of the basic factors of production- people, machinery, energy, information, and materials- they derive the most efficient and productive solutions to production, safety, cost, and other related problems that are present in any company, with emphasis on manufacturing facilities. Industrial engineers are an essential gap between management and operations. When this gap is repaired, companies realize their full potential- a potential that might not have even been thought possible.

What will follow in this comprehensive report is a concise but thorough summary of what industrial engineers commonly do, and most importantly, how they accomplish it. The best way to lead into such ideas as to not overwhelm is to briefly state some broad areas that industrial engineers most commonly touch on in their work. IE's aid in financial planning and cost analysis with the development of management control systems. They are essential in designing production planning and control systems that organize activity in production and ensure quality of all products. With the use of computers, simulations are created. These are extremely powerful tools that allow advanced control of devices, assembly lines, robots, and other activities. Other process systems are commonly used as well for various parts of c...

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4. Conclusion

There are numerous methods and processes that industrial engineers use to initiate and maintain the most efficient and productive operations in a manufacturing facility. These methods involve stepping away from the total cumulative process, and breaking down the operations of each and every process. The collaborative flow of these processes is mapped out, and analysis for improvement is done. With the use of industrial engineering techniques, facilities operate considerably more efficient, more productive, more cost effective, and more consistent. The trade of engineering costs for these results is a very positive business decision. Small Engineering Services, Inc. provides the utmost expertise and precision regarding all facets of industrial engineering, and looks forward to continuing its quest in enhancing businesses in their operations.

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