Essay about The Dangers of Smoking

Essay about The Dangers of Smoking

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June 19, 1986, anti-smoking activists are trying to pass a bill in New York that would restrict smoking in restaurants and other public areas, the first major action ever taken by New York to prohibit smoking in some way. The New York Times reported that the proposal "is asking all New York restaurants, convention halls, and sports arenas to have designated non-smoking sections. In addition to that, smoking in retail stores, theaters, taxis, etc. would be banned" (Prial). The public is pretty skeptical about the bill. About one half of New York doesn't think the bill will go through.

Fred Sampson, president of the New York State Restaurant Association, opposed the bill. "We encourage out people to install nonsmoking areas...we think that's the way it should be handled. Former City Council president Paul R. Screvane also opposed the ban saying that he was opposed to "putting a law in the books that couldn't be enforced" (Prial). While restaurant owners opposed the bill, doctors openly supported it. "Dr. William G. Cahan, a surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center along with Dr. Harold Freeman, chief surgeon at Harlem Hospital came out supporting the legislation over the recent death of a friend who died from lung cancer" (Prial).

That all happened in 1986. Smoking has been around for generations, in fact, for centuries. So why the call to ban smoking in public places? The public's view on smoking has changed a lot from since it was first practiced. Smoking was first practiced by Native Americans, who smoked peace pipes as a sign of peace. The habit was then picked up by Europeans, but it was only available to the rich. It was seen as something elegant because it was only available to the upper class. "In the Worl...

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