Essay on Dimensions Through Physics: An Extreme Approach

Essay on Dimensions Through Physics: An Extreme Approach

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As stated by the relativity laws we are able to understand the relative motion of matter at higher velocities and the phenomena of length contraction and time dilation.

We have arguments stating these irregular behavior at incredible speeds. The theories put forward by many scientists just satisfy the particular need but it fails at some place and a new theory was laid to make up the gap.

Do you know the real thing? Our ancestors have made the background of Physics. It is really hard to imagine if they have made a little blunder that can collapse the entire World's scientific situation.

Remember the threat we felt when it was said the speed of light is decreasing. If so the things which we have developed with the help of light, by optics will be wrong. This change will affect the future to a great extent.

Our aim is try to find out the things behind each process. We are generally engaged in simplification of the process by reducing the constraints and approximating it to achieve at the result. Is it right to dedicate and neglect something as unwanted? You are ready to dedicate the size of an atom in the manufacturing of a steel rule. By Physics we are now in the position to measure the size of unknown things which are believed to be present in an atom. With this principle anyone is ready to build a scale by arranging those metal atoms one by one so as to achieve the right dimension.

This will be totally absurd thing to think of. Do you?

Once upon a time it is very difficult to throw a stone to a few hundred meters. But now we have developed instruments that have the capability to throw tonnes of weight into the outer space.

The background is the growth of Physics.

By going to observe the things of nature wh...

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...uns dying out period. We can say it has millions of years to go like an explosion.

It is not possible for us to control the green house gas emissions and to stop the drastic changes that we are making to Earth then it is a waste to think about the "Great Future."

Human is generally not concerned about the numbers(which is used as dollars, Dinars, etc) and length, mass very much. Everything which we describe as science is the thing for existence. You can feel the worth of water when you are in deadly dry desert. At the greater heights of Everest pure water will be available in the form of ice. But it is not the fact that you can travel without water.

The things in the right form will work. Everyone is not ready to lead an adventurous life. So we are in the situation to form Physics with fourth dimension "human behavior" as the base and not alone with numerals.

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