Essay on X: the Influenced and Influential Generation

Essay on X: the Influenced and Influential Generation

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There are many aspects of my generation that reflect, define, and influence my generation. Its a difficult task to understand Generation X, my generation. We are like no generation before us, and no preceding generation will be like ours. We are empowered by the Internet, we have more knowledge about technology than our parents, and we are exposed to so much information. One thing remains unchanged, as with past generation; the relationship between us and our parents. Jamake Highwater once said, "the greatest distance between people is not space, but culture.(301)" This is true, my generation has their own culture, one which is of course different than that of our parents. We are still considered rebellious. We listen to music that is different than what our parents listen to, we dress in a way that upsets them, and act in ways that they might not. Our parents don't dress like us. They don't see how we can be happy doing what we do. They don't understand us. We are opinionated, yet susceptible. In our adolescence we are prone to wrongful doing, wrongful thinking, and we can be difficult and misunderstood. Our weakness is how easily we can let peer pressure or the media or our surroundings influence us. Many aspects of my generation's culture reflect, define, and influence my generation.

Adolescence that exists in "Generation X" varies from that which existed during the baby boomers years. Children grow up so quickly nowadays, parents sigh. Now as always, most adolescents are looked down upon by adults and people of authority. Most teenagers are uncontrollable and they are a problem to society. The teenage years are supposed to be the years of discovery, responsibility, and maturing. The majority of ...

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