Essay about We Need Federal Funding for Medical Marijuana Research

Essay about We Need Federal Funding for Medical Marijuana Research

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We Need Federal Funding for Medical Marijuana Research

    Many people suffer unbearable pain and discomfort from their illnesses and seek any method that might bring relief. Many suffer from chemotherapy treatment, HIV infection related wasting, glaucoma, or other serious ailments that carry an unbearable amount of pain. They first try the drugs that their doctors have prescribed. These prescribed legal drugs seem to have some benefits, but often carry with them many side effects that may be more harmful than helpful. Many patients give the legal drugs a try and find that they are not effective in relieving them of their symptoms. As a result, many turn to marijuana for its medicinal use. Because it is an effective treatment, marijuana should be legalized in the fifty states for the sole purpose of medicinal use to help pain and suffering for people with severe illnesses.


Two states have already passed laws that allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for those who suffer from medical illnesses. These states are California and Arizona and they both carry different guidelines for its prescription. Voters passed proposition 215 in California, but it has many loopholes. The law "specifically permits pot use for almost any complaint-even migraine headaches" (Morganthau, 22) and it also prevents doctors from losing their licenses for prescribing an illegal drug by "specifying that pot use is legal if a doctor merely 'recommends' it orally" (Morganthau, 22). Another criticism made by White House drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffery was the fact that this law had no age restriction (Voelker, 1786).

     In Arizona, Proposition 200 was voter approved and allowed doctors to prescribe marijuana and "any of the other 116 sched...

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