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Colonization of Malaysia Essay

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  • Penang was a part of territory of Kedah was considered strategically located to serve as navy base
  • A British base in Malay archipelago which would secure their trade with China
  • The British were attracted by the economic resources such ass tin ore, rubber, spices and agricultural products
  • Competition among western powers for colonies to meet the economic needs of their country.


  • They wanted to rise as a world power and wanted to expand their control over Asia by 1938.
  • In 1936 Germany (Hitler), Italy (Mussolini) and Japan (General Tojo) formed a pact known as Axial powers and according to this pact, Italy and Germany would conquer Europe and Africa while Japan would conquer Asia.
  • They wanted to drive out western forces out of Asia like Britain and America as they interfered with their conquest of Asia particularly in China, by providing the Chinese with arms and raw materials.
  • It would be a great prestige for Japan to defeat a great military power like Britain.
  • They wanted to end the aids that were given by the Chinese in Malaya for China's war effort against Japan, which included collecting funds and boycotting Japanese goods.
  • They wanted to control the rich resources of Asia for its industries, production of war materials and provide land for its growing population. Malaya was rich in rubber and tin.
  • Japan did not have much raw materials of its own and Britain and America had placed embargos on them.



  • Piracy problems
  • The civil war caused by constant disputes over succession among the leaders of the state, which made local governments unstable.
  • ...

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    ...duction of rubber and tin was halted and unemployment also escalated
  • Many citizens were forced to build the infamous railway track between Burma and Thailand which history remembers as the Death Railway
  • There was an increase in lawlessness and violence
  • In order to avoid any possibilities of rebellion a police force "Kempetai", "Tekikan" and "Toko" were created to take over the tasks of policeman and an army was established in 1943
  • The Japanese through their policy of divide and rule created racial hostility. The Japanese army practiced anti Chinese and this led to a large number of them to escape to the jungle. At the same time many Malays working with the Japanese army as soldiers and policemen. For this reason when there were clashes between Japanese and MPAJA soldiers thee were essentially clashes between the Malays and Chinese.

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