Fighting To Maintain the American Dream Essay

Fighting To Maintain the American Dream Essay

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The American Dream is defined as "An American ideal of a happy and successful life to which all may aspire." As Americans, we strive to live a life where we work to support our families while enjoying the freedom to raise our children as we choose and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Throughout our country's history, we have been through many trying times where these freedoms have been tested and our values have been misled. However, through it all, these events have made us stronger as a nation and taught us what it really means to be American. To see all men as equal, to have the freedom to write what we want and express our beliefs, and the right to fight for policies in government that benefit the good of the people. These chapters serve as prime examples of the struggle for the American Dream and the people that helped us achieve it.

Movies have been one of the most popular pastimes for Americans for decades. They are the topics of conversation, a place for lovers to go on dates, and an industry that the general public seems to have a fascination for. However although we think of movies as another entertainment source, they were not always as socially accepted by the people. In 1904, Harry Davis opened the first freestanding moving-picture theater. Although he was met with much skepticism, his idea would have a lasting effect on America's culture. When they first opened, the people were not immediately accepting. Safety, cleanliness, and price were a few of the concerns the public had. After a few changes however, the "nickelodeons", as they were called, started booming. Flashing lights were put up wherever there was room on the façade of the buildings. Ventilation systems assured people that they were br...

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...ple and care enough to question policies that we feel are not adequate. Without this system of government and individuals who put our country first, we have no faith in America and no pride in what we stand for.

Throughout the stories, it is evident that the American Dream is one that encompasses many different aspects. The issues dealt with through time all impact our government today. In dealing with these sad and sometimes violent situations and having strong leaders that believe in our country, we can and have overcome any wrongs that strike our country. The American Dream is our motivation to work hard and support our political leaders, as well as our fellow citizens.

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