German Renaissance and Its Influence on Austrian Culture Essay

German Renaissance and Its Influence on Austrian Culture Essay

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The German renaissance took place during the sixteenth century in Europe. The Renaissance was a time of discovery and learning. The word "renaissance" means rebirth or revival. The German renaissance inspired just that, a revival and rebirth of education and art. The people of Europe became interested in art and music during the renaissance. Education was also changing as the people became more interested in sciences and philosophy. German art work from this time period was dominated by local and independent schools. German art was largely based on the Gothic international style. German art was also greatly influenced by work in the Netherlands, and became more influential as time went on. The German artist Albrecht Durer was widely known at this time for his drawings, painting, and prints. Albrecht Durer even had theoretical writings on art that influenced people in his country during the sixteenth century.

Albrecht Durer was born May 21, 1471 in Nurnberg, Germany. Durer is said to be one of the brightest stars of the German renaissance. As a very skilled painter and engraver, his paintings and sculptures became masterpieces of the time period. Durer had many different artistic

skills and used different techniques with each skill. For example he showed strong late Gothic elements that dominate the visionary woodcuts of his Apocalypse series (Durer Biography Online). Not only did Durer enjoy his work as an artist, but was interested in science. He contributed to the study of science with his research in mathematics and geometry. Durer had a great appreciation for nature and was interested in exploring the world. Durer began studying with his father and at the age of fifteen became an apprentice to the p...

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...he engraved. Using his emotions in an artistic way brought out the best in his talents and made his work great.

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Albrecht Durer.

Durer self-portrait

"Head of an apostle"

"A Lake Bordered by Pine Trees" one of Durer's watercolor pieces

"Melencolia I" This is Durer's engraving technique

Albrecht Durer and the Renaissance Influence

Austro German

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