Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits of Playing Sports Essay example

Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits of Playing Sports Essay example

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     Sports, a very popular past time today, have been around since ancient times.  Greek Olympic Games featured events from chariot races, javelin throws, to wrestling.  In addition, a game similar to soccer was played in China by the second century BC.  In England, a violent rugby type game was even played to settle feuds between villages.  With the development of the industrial revolution and the creation of the first public schools, sports decreased in violence and were played more recreationally and constructively.  Basketball was invented to help the youth in New England spend their energy in the winter months.  Since the early 1900’s sports have been a key experience in the United States (“History of Sports”).  I have played sports for many years, and the experience has helped me grow significantly as an individual.
The benefits of sports range from physical, mental, and social.  Exercise keeps people fit, develops healthy muscle tone, and reduces heart and lung problems (Oak, Manali).  Sports studies have shown that “youth are motivated and engaged in ways that do not happen regularly in any other parts of their lives.  Their experience of sports stands out from nearly all other activities, including socializing and schoolwork, in providing enjoyment where they are exerting concerted effort toward a goal” (Larson, Reed, and Sean Seepersad).  People who play sports bond over a common interest.  This opens up children to meeting new kids and socializing with many more.  In Kindergarten, I played baseball.  Even though I did not truly understand all the mechanics of the game, I met new friends and began to develop motor skills.  This was very useful starting at an early age and pushed me to stay active throughout my life. ...

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