How has the Western World been a Blessing to the Non-Western World? Essay

How has the Western World been a Blessing to the Non-Western World? Essay

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Western world has its History beginning from the time of the Old Roman Empire. They created the basis for the upcoming world, called nowadays Western. The influence that the Roman Empire gave to the Non-Western world was continued to be by the Western world. The immense and productive cultural heritage from the old Romans has been observed and learned by the Non-Western world under Rome's direct influence or by their own will. Prolonging the old traditions the Western world has been always devoting time to teach and help the rest of the world. The Western world has been a blessing to the Non-Western world.

The social advance that the Western world has achieved in its stage of evolution is great and every one has to learn from the positive and creative structures that have been developed. Society in its nature has overcome many difficulties until the way we see it today. There were many obstacles that were to be passed, in order to be created a society of moral laws and government laws, of natural order and the order of the state. The belief that everybody is to achieve everything in his thoughtful life, depending only on its own and with the help of his/her countrymen is invaluable thing that is to be spread to the Non-Western world. The idea of unification comes from the Western world and the great aspects that come from it must be heard from every Non-Western world. Western world has shown that great things are only possible when there is one idea and a whole body to do it.

Western world has developed a flexible structure of its social culture of living. People from the Western World are working hard so that they would be able to create the things each human being is dreaming about. It is a common fact that only trough ha...

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...Western Literature has been learned and being applied by the Non-Western nations. Those incredibly gifted and talented man and women are the driving force of the nations of the whole world, giving the right example for character that everyone is to posses and head for.

The Western world has given a lot to the so called Non-Western world. Each person from the Non-Western world has felt the influence and guidance, trough different ways that gives the Western world. The Non-Western world has been blessed in large degree to be in contact with the Western world. A great amount of advances in all kind of areas have been discovered from the Western world and brought to the Non-Western. It is inevitable nations to interact with each other and share their knowledge and wisdom, but the Western world has marked fortunately the rest with its unique culture and experience.

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