The Treaty of Versailles: A German "Victory" in 1918 Essay

The Treaty of Versailles: A German "Victory" in 1918 Essay

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A German Victory in 1918

When the treaty of Versailles was signed June 28 1919 the whole world celebrated an allied victory, more importantly they celebrated victory over an evil empire set to destroy the world. This is the viewpoint taught to any American child who studies World War One. To suggest anything to the contrary could be construed as treason, after all the United States and Great Britain are good nations full of good people run by good democracies that fight the good fight and win the good fight and make our world a better place. Perhaps this too is a fallacy, the same kind of fallacy that said World War One was a war to end all wars and that victory would mean a long and lasting peace for generations to enjoy.

The good intention of the allied nations could be contested by their harsh, unyielding and downright hypocritical terms reached in the treaty of Versailles. Woodrow Wilson wanted a more easy and comprehensive peace which he clearly stated during his suggestion of the Fourteen Points. France however wanted spoils of war and thus France demanded and received its harsh demands that only further lead to increased hatred of France by the German people. Territory itself was a major French objective and they received several German lands the German's had held for quite some time and were populated by German speaking people such as Alsace-Lorraine. French revanchism of the time lead them to further demand that Germany's military would only be a shadow of its former self. Further insult was done to Germany by demanding that they would have to pay 132 billion marks to the allied powers and thus make the German economy impotent.

These harsh reparations had an effect unforeseen that would have dire consequenc...

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...ance, and to a lesser extent the United States would enjoy far less power. France and Britain would at least initially suffer serious economic problems following a German victory. However unless power is your only goal I feel that the reason people don't oppose this argument is due to it being difficult for any person to assert that World War II would be any less cataclysmic for both Britain and France. The United States would almost certainly feel that that allowing the rise of the USSR via World War I was not worth a Cold War or Cuban Missile Crisis. The argument I make is based upon events very profound to our current culture and the sheer amount of variables and their consequences is simply a staggering a sobering experience to try and undertake, this inevitably leads to my argument to being novel and profound while making an opposition less likely to develop.

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