Essay on The Lion King: Journey of an Epic Hero

Essay on The Lion King: Journey of an Epic Hero

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Although the movie The Lion King is often times viewed as nothing more than a child-based movie, in actuality, it contains a much deeper meaning. It is a movie that not only displays the hardships of maturation, and the perplexities associated with growing, but it is also a movie that deals with the search for one's identity and responsibility. As said by director Julie Taymor, "In addition to being a tale about a boy's personal growth, the `Lion King' dramatizes the ritual of the `Circle of Life'." Throughout The Lion King, Simba must endeavor through the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth to take his place in the circle of life, as king of the pridelands.

One of the most enthralling central themes that exist in the Lion King are the concepts of the "Circle of Life." It is a concept that momentously emphasizes that everyone and everything attains an essential position in the world, that everyone and everything fulfill a major role in nature, and that everyone and that everything intricately fit into the great mosaic of life. It is through the vast assortment of the flora and fauna that is found in the pridelands, that Mufasa is able to explain this phenomenon to the young Simba. Informing Simba that life is a continuous cycle, built upon of the sociological trinity of: birth, death, and rebirth; he explains to Simba:

"Everything exists together in a delicate balance. As king you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures...when we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. The sun rises from the night, and the winter becomes the spring, so life arises from death. Everything is connected in the great circle of life."

Although at the time Simba is too young to understand somet...

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... The sustenance of Timon, Pumba, and Nala, reaffirms Simba's need to reestablish the circle of life. Simba's fear of returning is now broken.

Simba embraces Scar valiantly, avenging his father's death, and destroying the shadow that destroyed him. The death of Scar brings the rebirth of the kingdom, the rebirth of Pride Rock, and the rebirth of power and justice. Simba roars a vociferous roar, restoring life to the pridelands. It begins to rain, symbolizing the cleansing of power, and the rejuvenation of Simba.

The Lion King concludes with the birth of Simba's child, mimicking the birth of Simba. The ceremony is performed with the same amount of gracefulness and sovereignty as before, which in a sense, illustrates the beginning of the movie once again. This final ceremony not only brings a close to Simba's journey, but a completion to the circle of life.

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