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As I walked up the street toward the front of Grace Cathedral, I was in awe at the size and ornateness of this cathedral. It was tall and wide and looked very much like the churches we had been studying in class in the prior weeks. As I got closer and closer I began to make out The Ghiberti Doors, also known as the gates of paradise. These are the main cathedral doors made out of bronze, and are replicas of the originals which stood centuries ago at the east entrance to the Baptistry of Florence Cathedral (the Duomo) Italy. I approached and spent about fifteen minutes, just examining all the different engraved scenes within the ten sections in the two doors. After I had finished looking at the Ghiberti Doors, I entered through one of the side doors, since you are not able to use the Ghiberti Doors, because they weight too much. Before I stepped inside the cathedral, I pulled out my text analysis and read over it, so that when I entered I could examine whether or not this cathedral exuded the same sacredness as the cathedral in the text analysis. I feel this Cathedral really does exude not entirely the purity of heaven, but does seem to somewhat separate you from the outer world, as Abbot Suger spoke of. Also, it brings in some of the surrounding beauty from St. Denis, such as the sapphire and stained glass, as well as the gold plating. After walking inside and trying to first experience, the church, and all its beauty and ornateness, I began examining the floor plan and elevations of the cathedral. Grace Cathedral was build in a gothic style, which it represents in its architecture inside and out. There were three huge rose windows. One at the very top of the main entrance and one on either end of the transept. There wer...

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... opinion, this Cathedral is beautiful and wonderful and definitely a place I could see people traveling too on a pilgrimage. I actually feel as though my trip up to Grace Cathedral was, in a way, a miniature pilgrimage. I am Christian, so this type of surrounding is very special and meaningful to me. The cathedral has many relics and beautiful stained glass windows and great pieces of artwork. I believe that this really could be a modern day pilgrimage destination, if it isn't already one. While this church does not claim to have relics, which if in their presence can heal you, as St. Gilles did from "The Pilgrim's Guide to Santiago de Compostela," it does hold many beautiful relics that are worthy of veneration. Grace Cathedral has so many wonderful things to offer anyone that people should feel blessed to be able to go there to be in the presence of the Lord.

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