Essay on Changes in Marlin in "Finding Nemo"

Essay on Changes in Marlin in "Finding Nemo"

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Finding Nemo...The Independence He Deserves

Through much thought and contemplating, one character that I thought made significant changes throughout the movie is Marlin. Now Marlin is a clownfish from the movie Finding Nemo. Marlin makes several changes throughout the movie based solely on the problems that he is faced with and the way that he chooses to handle them. He is faced with four major problems and the choices that he makes to react to those problems changes his entire view on life. He is face with the loss of a majority of his family, confrontation with death, and finally he finds what he truly wants in life.

Marlin is a clownfish who, along with his wife, lives on the edge of a coral reef in an anemone. He is what anyone can guess, a "newlywed." He, along with his wife Coral, lives in the anemone where they have just laid a spawn of eggs. They come to a quick decision of what to name their children. Half will be named Marlin Jr. and the other half will be named Coral Jr. Although there decisions were made quickly Coral wants to name one child Nemo.

During the process of the eggs maturing enough to hatch their reef is attacked by a barracuda. While this attack is going on the barracuda goes for their eggs and attempting to protect his family Marlin is knocked unconscious and is in that state over night. When he comes to he learns that all of the eggs and Coral are gone. The only thing left from the massacre is one egg which is damaged, he names this one Nemo. Years go by and we come to find out that as a result of his encounter, Marlin has become

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paranoid of anything happening to Nemo and will not let him go out and experience life for himself. He is to remain home and not to go ...

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... and find ways that they change, even if it is in the slightest bit. The reason that I chose to use Finding Nemo and the character Marlin, is because he is the character in the movie that undoubtedly changes the most. Like any main character in any movie he is faced with challenges along the way and the ways that you can tell they changes the most is the way that they react to those such challenges. Marlin was faced with the loss of most of his family and he changed, he became paranoid and overprotective of his son. He looked danger in the face

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and he became courageous and found that even though things may look dangerous, they always aren't as they appear. And finally he listened to the advice of the creatures around him and he came to trust in others as he would expect others to trust him. He found what he was looking for in life, happiness.

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