Essay about A Production of Into the Woods

Essay about A Production of Into the Woods

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Into the Woods Review

Into the woods was an adventurous play that was perfect for the use of your imagination and spirit. Into the Woods had numerous different fairy tales involved which could make a small child feel like he/she was in heaven. The acting, music, concept, stage design, costumes, and even the language of the play all mixed to perfection. The crowd became involved right away with the irony of the play. I liked how Into the Woods was set up in the beginning because it made the play easier to follow. However, the play seemed to be a little lengthy and some of the characters became annoying. I do not believe the second part of the play altogether was necessary. Into the Woods did not fulfill my expectations to the max, although, the play was enjoyable to experience.

Into the Woods started off with three different scenes on stage all at once. One scene was Cinderella, the other was Jack and the Bean Stock with his mother with Jack's best friend the cow, and the third was a baker and his wife with Little Red Riding Hood mixing in scene. Cinderella was on the floor cleaning and the two sisters as well as the Mother were picking on Cinderella and talking about going to the Ball. The second scene was about Jack's mother needing money so Jack was to go into the woods and sell his best friend the cow. The third scene was the baker and his wife talking about how they wanted a child but the witch put a curse on them until they retrieved three items for her. It was ironic how all three scenes required them to go into the woods.

Throughout the play Cinderella, Jack, The Baker, The Baker's wife, Little Red Riding Hood, and all of the other characters mixed into the plot and had weird circumstances erupt in the woods. ...

... middle of paper ...

...f the audience enjoyed the cow the most and how the characters movements were amusing and different. For example like the wolf, how the audience could tell what he was thinking just by his gestures and movements. I thought the play over all was ironic and interesting. The way the audience reacted with the characters and Into the Woods itself, they agreed with my opinions.

Into the Woods overall was a good play to watch. I liked how the plot brought together all of the fairy tales and how the characters all played their different parts. There were some negatives during the play. However, these negatives were minimal compared to the overall experience I received. The highs of the play were the Baker, the Wolf, and The Little Riding Hood as well as the music. Into the Woods would be great to watch with anyone of any age because it had a little something for everyone.

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