The Perceived Sex of a Baby Affects How We Rate Its Emotional Responses Essay

The Perceived Sex of a Baby Affects How We Rate Its Emotional Responses Essay

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Gender is perhaps the most obvious physical attribute of a person. It is very hard in this day and age to ignore the gender of a person when judging, talking to, and associating yourself with a person. If it were possible to talk to and interact with a person, and not stereotyping their responses as being typically male or female, it would affect the world we live in today. No specific gender would be better suited to a specific job, men wouldn't all be perceived as strong, courageous, and brave, and women would not be seen as gentle, a home maker and other such feminine attributes. However, it is nearly impossible to observe someone, or talk to someone and not be aware of their gender. Some people argue that this judgment of gender, and stereotyping, is sub-conscious. It has become so natural to perceive females to possess certain qualities, and males others. If there was a way to eliminate the obvious factor that a person was male or female, and study a person's response to the person and their behaviour, we could begin to understand the gender stereotyping evident in society today. The idea solution to this is to study children, when gender is less obvious. Specifically babies, as they have not yet developed an identity with clothing, as they do not dress themselves. They also can not speak, so pitch and tone of voice can not be identified as different, and they do not style their hair in a particularly masculine or feminine way, as they have very little! The purpose of the study in this report was to investigate exactly that. How people rate the responses of a baby, when told the baby was male, and how they rate responses when told the baby was female.

Many psychologists have attempted to investigate th...

... middle of paper ...

...on: - 2.4315/9 = 0.270

Overall Responsiveness:

Score (x) Mean Score - mean (x-x) x squared

1.83 2.47 -0.64 0.4096

2.83 2.47 0.36 0.1296

3.33 2.47 0.86 0.7396

3.00 2.47 0.53 0.2809

2.66 2.47 0.19 0.0361

2.25 2.47 -0.22 0.0484

2.58 2.47 0.11 0.0121

1.00 2.47 -1.47 2.1609

3.58 2.47 1.11 1.2321

1.67 2.47 -0.8 0.64

Total: - 5.6893

Standard deviation: - 5.6893/9 = 0.632

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