Discrimination Against Immigrant Labor Essays

Discrimination Against Immigrant Labor Essays

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The global mobility of human resources between countries is a key driving force of the currently ongoing economic and regional development all over the world. It is indisputable that the immigration of international labour force would exert many positive and important impacts on the economic, cultural and social structure of both migrant-receiving and migrant-sending countries. Actually, the trend of temporary and permanent immigrants increasing in some western countries began to gain momentum in recent years. Organization for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD 2004) reports indicated that there were more than 1 million new immigrants in the United States in 2001 and 2002, increased by 25% from 2000; in some European countries including Austria, France and Switzerland, the rates were over 15%.

However, this phenomenon in now is being oppugned by more and more local residents of some advanced areas, who complained that the increasing of labour immigration have made the unemployment rate accelerated and brought more serious social problems like crime and prostitution, therefore they appeal government to take some law measures to refuse all new application of migrants from overseas areas especially in Asia and South America and restrict the entry of foreign labour sternly. If these absurd suggestions are confirmed by some foolish government officers, it may be a big retrogradation of this modern civilization in the 21st century.

One of the primary causes to sustain the view that immigrant labour should be treated as common inhabitants is that international migrant labour has contributed much to economic rate growth and social prosperity in both host and source countries. On the one hand, more and more skilled workers, educ...

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...people to enhance the crime rate of foreign immigrants but ignore the data of original inhabitants at the same time. In fact, the people who discriminated against and were hostile to immigrant workers only because of foreign workers' language barrier, education levels, different race and complexion. To some extend, discrimination to these workers is a kind of proper behavior, and is also a social metamorphosis of racialism.

In conclusion, foreign labour force made an outstanding performance in the history of the whole world's economic development and local region's construction, and global labour immigration accelerated the moving rhythm of international capital and human resource. Therefore, if the discrimination to immigrant labour becomes a sort of true and logical phenomenon, it would be a tremendous scandal or ridicule of this democratic and civilized era.

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