The Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization Essay

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization Essay

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The notion of globalisation encompasses various different aspects of social, economic and political life. In order to answer the question of whether or not globalisation is a progressive or negative force, I must first define globalisation. Then I shall examine the impact of globalisation on the population and finally determine whether this is a positive or negative impact. There are five different aspects that I have chosen in order to define the phenomenon of globalisation. They are internationalisation, liberalisation, universilisation, westernisation, and deterritorialization. (Scholte, page 16)

Internationalisation refers to the significant increase in relations between countries. Increases in economic trade and politcal relations between countries has led to increased interdependency between countries, especially on an economic level. There has also been increased movement of people, capital, and ideas between countries. International relations between countries have always existed, but in today's globalised world, these relations have become more important and more significant than ever before. Liberalisation refers to the loosening of government restrictions on movements between countries. It is easier for individuals to move between countries, and also for money and capital to move between countries.

The main component of liberalisation has been economic. There have been increasing commitments on the part of nations to adopt free trade policies and allow the free movement of capital between states. There have been significant reductions in tarriffs and on foreign exchange restrictions. Capitalism has been adopted on a global level with companies competing against companies in other countries, and the in...

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... has positive and negative effects as it does create for better awareness, understanding, and tolerance of other cultures, it has also eroded many tradional cultural values and this has caused resistance to globalisation. Lastly, globalisation has reduced the power of nation states and increased the power of international organisations and multinational corporations. Globalisation has positive and negative effects, but one certainty is that globalisation does exist and it remains to be seen how much further it will go.


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