Ethnicity and Female Equality: A personal Opinion Essay

Ethnicity and Female Equality: A personal Opinion Essay

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The subject of my essay will be a compilation of facts and opinions on the role of ethnicity and gender on female status in the United States. Equality for females and males is influenced by ones ethnicity, by the media, by stereotypes, and by the myth of equal rights. The research methods that will be used for this essay will be only the personal opinions of the author of this essay. One believes that the findings of this essay will show that ethnicity and media generated stereotypes influence gender roles and that inequality for females is a fact of life. Ethnicity and Female Equality:

A Personal Opinion

The role of ethnicity plays an important part in our society's view and the status level that is afforded to females. The overall level of female status in America is not as high as males, but this status is even further lowered when a female comes from an ethnic minority. These minority females face a double-edged sword in a society that puts an emphasis on maleness and whiteness. Society is an evolving object and the role of females and minorities has improved steadily throughout our history, but improvement is still needed to make one and all more equal.

The role of socialization is in a sense began even before a child is born. Parents anticipate the sexual gender of their child and prepare accordingly. Nurseries are painted blue of pink and either denim or lace is bought. Thus, one sees that even before birth children are stereotyped into gender roles.

Parents also, often only want a child to be male and are extremely disappointed if their child is born female. This failure to meet a parents overall urge for a son can have terrible psychological and sociological aspects on a child. The author of ...

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...males and males are not equal in this society and probably never will be. There is little that any single individual can do to change this. To be comfortable with one's gender and to live the most gratifying life that is possible females must accept who they are and realize that to a large extent that this is a "male-dominated world" that exists. By accepting this truth females can attain personal growth and power by being what they want and by being able to fulfill the society expected roles that are stereotyped to them. This by no means is a belief that adheres to the popular thought of feminization and equal rights, but it is one that the author of this paper believes has been beneficial to her. It is by accepting one's femininity and role that one can achieve harmony not only with one's self but with the society at large and with the expectations of our ethnicity.

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