Breast Implants:the Dow Corning Scandal Essay

Breast Implants:the Dow Corning Scandal Essay

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The subject of my paper will be an investigation into the manufacture of silicone breast implants by Dow Corning and what caused this scandal to become corporate crime. This subject is of special interest to me because my mother has been in litigation with Dow Corning since the late 1980's. I will use several research methods for development of this research paper. They will include researching books and the use of the internet. I believe that my findings will show that for more than thirty years Dow Corning manufactured and distributed an unsafe product with the knowledge that its recipients were being put in danger. Dow Corning then tried various evasive measures to escape from their liability. This is still a current problem with many women still in litigation with Dow Corning today.

Breast Implants:

The Dow Corning Scandal

Silicone breast implants to many women were originally a gift that allowed them to change their physical appearance. Over time though this gift that allowed them to alter their appearance turned into a nightmare for many. The causes of this nightmare were the actions of Dow Corning in their manufacture and distribution of silicone breast implants. Dow Corning in pursuit of profit allowed an untested and possibly harmful product to be implanted into millions of women and with held from the public any potential information that was negative in context to the safety issue of silicone breast implants. When the victims of this fraud started suing Dow Corning, the company turned to public relation measures and finally to bankruptcy in their attempt to escape from the punishments for their illegal and immoral actions that had caused this scandal. The silicone breast scandal is one that Dow...

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