Essay on An Overview of Globalization

Essay on An Overview of Globalization

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Kofi Annan, a UN diplomat, once said, “...that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity.” Introduction

It is very important to study globalization because understanding the contemporary international political economy is an essential part of being an informed citizen. Understanding globalization is a very important part of learning about our human involvement with the environment and society. Our daily experiences at school, work, and home are an integral part of the globalization process. We live in an independent global political economy. The concept of understanding globalization provides us with the tools necessary to be productive members of our local and global communities. The purpose of studying globalization to understand the differences and similarities of different cultures and to understand how we are connected and at the same time separated from the world. One of the other reasons to study globalization to understand the causes and effects of globalization and how its influence on politics, economics, and culture unite or divide nations around the world. What we basically come away with is the fact that the concept of globalization is not the same throughout all cultures and societies. The differences between the different aspects of globalization, such as technology, economy, and politics challenge two conventional wisdoms. It is believed that it limits the power of the government and it has not erase...

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... been going on since the second half of the twentieth century.

It is believed that democracy has important implications on world peace. It is believed that under these types of governments that governments will be less likely to have serious military conflicts. Ironically, as democracy spreads, it is facing conflicts that confront some democracy's legitimacy. And this fact is causing representative governments to become more accountable.

Learning to Learn about Globalization

One of the important things to remember is the fact that knowledge is power. And the fact that globalization is here to stay and that we will become increasingly more connected, we must learn to learn about the world we live in and how it functions. This concept in itself is important because it will make us more knowledgeable and make us better more productive members of society.

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Essay on An Overview of Globalization

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