Essay about Conflicts in the Third World

Essay about Conflicts in the Third World

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In this essay I will discuss why the Third World has been the sight of most of the world's conflicts since 1945. The conflicts that have transpired have been mostly internal and not just between these countries and their neighbors. They range in wars regarding religion, liberation, rebelling, and civil wars to name a few. I will consider these conflicts and their make up in regards to countries involved in the most serious conflicts along with the impact on their infrastructures, and how these wars have been fought.

There have been over 9.5 million refugees and hundreds and thousands of people have been slaughtered in Africa that came from wars and conflicts in this third world country ( There are civil wars going on currently and in recent years such as Angola, where 500,000 people have been killed in the last 15 years due to fighting for rich resources such as diamonds and offshore oil. Many different groups within Angola continue to fight for these resources with the government supporting their actions. Resources from the land alone is often responsbile for groups within

countries to battle for their stake in them ( The rich resources alone are not the root cause of internal conflict within this nation. Political corruption, human rights violations and no laws being followed, all have a hand in the civil wars and conflicts that go on.

Another example of internal fighting over rich resources was talked about in our Part 4 reading about Nigeria ( Lesson 13). Nigera was bogged down in conflict between 1966 and 1970 when southern Biafra tried to declare its independence. Cetrain groups in charge of controlling the government did not want to allow th...

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...lict, mobilizing factor which have to do with which groups go into the conflict, and aggravating factors. The last factor has to do with the additional reason for conflict to transpire. Any of the above conflicts that were discussed started out as a situation or event that created a conflict. It then escalated from there due to lack of education or strong governing bodies, rebel groups not having a "true agenda", or just basic human injustices that citizens were no longer willing to tolerate.

The above issues were considered as I discussed various countries within the third world and their civil wars and conflicts. There will never be a set of rules to help us understand the triggers or factors involved in this interstate violence, because much of it has been going on for years and citizens involved in these battles view them as a way of life.

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