Essay about School Violence - Giive Peace a Chance

Essay about School Violence - Giive Peace a Chance

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 "Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the

eternal rule." ( Buddha.) Beginning in 1997, the frequency of

school shootings has been increasing at an alarming rate. On

December 1, 1997, Mike Carneal walks into Heath High School in

Paducah, Kentucky and opens fire on a daily prayer group. When

the spray of bullets ceased, three young girls lay dead and five

others were wounded. Classmates claim that Carneal hung out

with people who did not believe in God and would sometimes

heckle the morning worshippers. Carneal had also been in trouble

for scratching graffiti on a wall and trying to view nude photos on

the Internet.


 Just five months into 1998, the 5th school shooting takes

place in Springfield, Oregon on May 21. Kip Kinkel allegedly

walked into Thurston High School and opened fire just 24 hours

after being suspended for having a gun at school. One student was

killed, nineteen others wounded, and Kinkel's parents were

reportedly found dead in their home afterwards. His friends voted

him "Most Likely to Start World War III". Kinkel was described as

looking for trouble and cursing both students and teachers. Friends

say he bragged about building bombs, torturing animals, and

wanting to kill people.


In these two cases and many others like them, a cry for help

was made long before anyone had to die. Unfortunately, this cry

for help went unheard and two young men did not receive the help

they so desperately needed. What would have happened if these

two boys would have received crisis counseling, whether in-school

or out-of-school at the first sign of violent or troubled behav...

... middle of paper ...

...rnight either. As Gandhi said, "You must be the change you

wish to see in the world". I believe it will be a long hard fight but

if we work together as a community we may be able to, once again

send our children to school without the fear that it may be the last

time we see them alive.


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