The Health Care System as a Lucrative Business Versus a Right of Citizenship

The Health Care System as a Lucrative Business Versus a Right of Citizenship

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The Health Care System as A Lucrative Business versus A Right of Citizenship


Many people contest to the statement that America's health care system is the "best in the world" (The Basic Dilemma). The ones that agree wholeheartedly with this quote are those who are on the outside looking in. Surely they are ignorant of the statistical data proving that the land of the free is plagued with the horrible "disease" of insufficient medical coverage. This issue has always been a problem ever since the concept of health care came in to existence. Health care is an industry, which like all of the like, cannot run effectively without the proper funding. But health care is seen as a private good, so if one cannot afford health care they cannot receive it. The government provides many free, equal opportunity amenities, but not health care. Assertions have been made that the government should have no qualms with the dealings concerning health care and it should be the responsibility of the market. Marketing competitions are simply economical warfare between private health insurance providing companies. Competition is being used to bring health care to people at a price that will be most lucrative. Low-income families or persons have the hardest time finding quality health care. The majority of Americans who voted in a late 1996 poll seem to agree that quality health care should be made available to everyone and it is the role of the government to make that a reality regardless of an individual's ability or inability to pay. Majority of Americans are insured through the company they work for. Employers pay for their employees' health care partially or entirely but in lieu of their higher wages. Healthcare then becomes a privilege...

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... apparatus. This nation is the most medically technologically sophisticated nations which mean our nation should have a high quality of care but, it does not. The irony in that is ridiculous.


It is made clear that the American Health Care System is faulty and can stand some drastic change. The author makes obvious his point of view. Everyone should receive the best of whatever healthcare is needed and the government should intervene in this movement. The market should not determine which demographical society or social class should receive the best coverage. Who knows what the future holds for the nation's health care system, say twenty years from now but one thing is for sure, the well being of America depends on it. As Thoreau expresses in The Duty of Civil Obedience, quite simply but most efficiently, government is best, which governs the least.

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