Essay about Possible Solutions of Computer Lack Problem.

Essay about Possible Solutions of Computer Lack Problem.

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AUCA is one of the best universities in Kyrgyzstan. Probably, it is such because it has got good teachers, American style and system of education and it is equipped with really good technologies. Still, as the university expands, more new students come than graduate, less frequently updated and increased in number computers start to become a problem. Right now there are more than one thousand students studying in AUCA, while in the computer laboratories there are over 100 computers available. Not talking about the time of exams, even in usual time it is always hard to sign up for the computer time. Students are complaining about the computer lab all the time. There are not enough computers and not enough time per student - these are the most frequently mentioned problems.

The problem of lack of the computers consists of two parts - not enough computers available in certain periods of time, and not enough computer time. As some older students say, there always have been complains about AUCA computer laboratories. For example, they used to say that computers are not good and powerful enough, that students have to be allowed to play on them, etc. However, only in the year 2006 people started whining about the lack of computers, probably because the year 2006 was the one when the administration of the university decided to increase greatly the number of freshmen students. This year it was about 450 students accepted, and only 200. If the number of students will increase at this rate, while there will be no expansion in buildings, soon students will have to sit at each other's laps at lectures. In AUCA, in order to prepare for classes, students need to use computers, printers, and scanners and sometimes even more technology, that ...

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...o does sport are usually better in learning, don't do drugs and have a very high motivation of achieving their goals.

Summing up, there are different solutions of our problem, and no any single option will solve the whole situation. Therefore, what we need is a combination of actions taken in order to improve the situation. At first we might have all the lectures about good time management, then we will do all our papers on time, and after we can enlarge the number of activities students could do. Altogether, that will benefit the university greatly, but it all depends not on the administration of the AUCA, it depends on what the students do and decide. I think it will not be banal, but very appropriate to remember John Kennedy's famous phrase and apply it to our University: "Ask not what the university can do for you, ask what you can do for your university!"

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