ADHD, Ritalin, Families, and Pharmaceutical Companies Essays

ADHD, Ritalin, Families, and Pharmaceutical Companies Essays

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ADHD, Ritalin, Families, and Pharmaceutical Companies

In today's fast-paced society, it seems that prescription drugs are a more reasonable and reliable solution for children and adults than diet and exercise for the "disease" known as ADHD. Rather than take the time to play with their children, or institute a proper diet, it seems that increasing numbers of parents would rather treat their children's unexplained zest for life with pills and doctors. While there are some explanations and reasons for the diagnosis of this popular disease, most children are improperly diagnosed, and are therefore taking unneeded medication. This medication is costly and it can be argued those who benefit from the sale of these drugs most are the pharmaceutical companies who develop, advertise, and sell them.

According to Goodman in The Journal of Special Education (1992) The most well known drug used to treat ADHD is Ritalin, which is a Class 2 drug, in the same category as cocaine and morphine. Some of the side effects relate to lack of or increase appetite, lack of or increased sleep, and lack of growth. Because of the fairly recent introduction of this drug to cure this disease, the social and psychological implications have not yet been seen. If this trend of cure before prevention continues, pharmaceutical companies will become ever richer at our children's expense.

Most people think that Attention Deficit Disorders are simply linked to
children and their inability to concentrate, pay attention or sit still for long periods of time, but it can affect adults as well, making it hard to function at the work or in school. People also dismiss signs and symptoms of ADHD as misbehavior or lack of discipline by the parents. Ho...

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