We Must Educate Ourselves Before Passing Laws Restricting Cloning and Genetic Engineering

We Must Educate Ourselves Before Passing Laws Restricting Cloning and Genetic Engineering

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     Biotechnology and genetic engineering involve the cloning of animal cells and organisms, but they also involve the alteration of an organism in an effort to make it more perfect, whether it is a crop, an animal, or even a human being. Obviously the cloning of humans or the cloning of human cells is much different than the cloning of genetically superior livestock or a better quality, higher yielding food crop, and people throughout the world realize this. The cloning of human beings has become one of the worst fears in our society today and for that reason many laws have been passed throughout European countries and North America in an effort to ban human cloning. For most people, it becomes more of an issue of ethics and moral values more than anything else. Just as it is morally wrong to kill another person, to most people it is also morally wrong to create an exact replica of another person unless it is naturally occurring, as identical twins are. This is not to say that cloning is in fact morally wrong. In fact, some forms of human cloning could in fact help people who need an organ transplant in order to live. Of course, this again raises the question, "Are we playing God?". That is a question each person must decide for him or herself, and no one knows exactly what is right and what is wrong. The governments of virtually every country in the world believe they know what the right answer to that question is and in the subsequent paragraphs, the history of cloning and the legislation that these countries have passed during the last few years or even months to regulate it will be addressed.


    Some of the first cloning experiments were attempted by two developmental biologists in 1952, Robert Briggs and Thomas ...

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...ou will find that it is not such a terrible thing and is instead a way to ensure humankind's continued prosperity on this planet.


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