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Islamic Dictatorships Essay

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In the Quran it is said that: "Let there be no compulsion in religion."(2:256) If someone does not want to believe God and obey his rules, he cannot be forced to do. If even God's rules cannot be imposed by using force, a person can never have the right to impose his own rules by using power. Although all Muslim dictators claim that their state is the most Islamic one, this is evidence that dictatorships are un-Islamic. Dictators know that what they say is not true, but they also know that gaining and staying in power is much easier by hiding their aims under the cover of Islam. As Mir Zohair Husain, professor in University of South Alabama, says,

Many authoritarian leaders, whether civilian or military are Muslim Pragmatists who manipulate Islamic rhetoric and symbols to stay in power. (Husain, 1995, p172)

According to Ahmad Shafaat, a journalist, even the Prophet Muhammad was commanded by God to do things with the consent. The Holy Quran says that: .".. their affairs are run by mutual consultation."(42:38) Muslims obeyed this rule of consultation properly until the reign of four properly guided Caliphs, Hadrat Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman and Ali ended. Hadrat Abu Bakr was directly elected by the public and other three Caliphs were chosen by councils of trusted elders. As Shafaat indicates, after Muawiyah, another Caliph, nominated his son, Yazid, as the ruler with force and without consultation, violence, repression, slavery and dictatorship began in Muslim world. Dictatorship started its murders by killing Hadrat Imam Hussain, the Prophet's own grandson, because Hussein had not accepted the rule of a man who came to power illegally, without election and consultation. Muslims all around the world now hate Yazid, the leader...

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...killed or tortured people, he always emphasized the importance of egalitarianism. He acted in this way because he was sent to the world by God to show people how they should behave. His behaviour shows both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders how they should approach their people. Real Muslim leaders should obey the Quran's rule of consultation: .".. their affairs are run by mutual consultation."(42:38) They should not be repressive, everyone can say and think whatever they want. People are equal before God, so they must also be equal in the world. Murders and tortures are strictly forbidden in Islam. Real Muslim rulers must never perfrom these things, also they should prevent them who try to repress people. Any compulsion is forbidden in Islam. The leaders should work for their country not for themselves. If they behave like that, people will live in a more peaceful world.

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